Great Time to Consume Some Types of Food to Get Ideal Body Weight


Great Time to Consume Some Types of Food to Get Ideal Body Weight.

In an attempt to weight loss, diet plan is a vital role in order to get an ideal body weight. Here are some types of food and a great time to consume it so that your body is not fattening

Tea or coffee

It is better to drink coffee and tea after breakfast and in the evening. Avoid drinking tea, especially green tea when your stomach was empty because it could affect the health of your lever.


Boil the chicken with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil is absolutely perfect as a lunch or dinner. Unsaturated fat content in it is beneficial for the health of your body. While the high proteins capable of inducing the body systems.


Rice is a staple food in some countries, particularly in Asia. Can be said that the person who make the rice as a staple food, is not yet satiated if don’t eat rice. This is because rice is high in carbohydrates. In addition to reducing the number, consume the rice for lunch only. In the evening, avoid the rice from your dinner menu.


Fish is high in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids that can satisfy the hunger you and preventing you to eat too much. Preferably, eat fish for lunch and dinner with coupled vegetables.


The probiotic bacterial content in yogurt is important to maintaining healthy digestion. However, don’t eat yogurt when your stomach was empty because it could lead to stomach pain.


Consume much vegetables will not make the body so plump. In fact, the nutrients are in it is important to support the health of the body. Multiply eat vegetable at day and night. Avoid eating vegetables as the breakfast menu.

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