Best Natural Home Remedy for Sore Throat


Natural Ingredients You Should Try to Relieve Sore Throat.

When the flu struck, then the nose is not only clogged because lenders, but the throat can also feel uncomfortable and makes the sound feels rasped.

Here are natural ingredients should you try to relieve sore throat.


You can take advantage of ginger to get rid of mucus that keeps the throat does not feel relief. Because, Ginger has anti-bacterial properties that helps fight Streptococcus bacteria that is so infectious.


Garlic is loaded with anti-microbial properties that help soothe a sore throat. Chew at night so your throat will feel relieved tomorrow.


Licorice is also useful for treating infections of the throat due to its calming and anti-bacterial.


Chew a piece of clove are known to help get rid of inflammation, and antibacterial properties in it is beneficial to repel bacterial causes of sore throat.

Rock sugar

Chewing on a rock sugar is useful for treating a sore throat.

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